Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reasons and effects

There are many causes and consequences regarding Immigration. There are economic, social and political causes for it. Among the economic causes for immigrating there is poverty within the immigrants native countries. The majority of immigrants migrate to other countries because of the low wages and the low employments opportunity. Also the high lifestyle they are not able to afford anymore and the wanting of a better life.

In those
sub develop countries like: Latin American Countries, Asia, and the middle East, as the life style is increasing the wages and employment opportunities either decrease or stays the same. This bring a rice in the rate of immigration since they not able to maintain a good life for their families. Some people feel trap in their own countries due to the economic failure of it. They are not able to pay they needs and wants. As well as economic reasons their as social. Because of the economic crisis many sub develop countries face they are becoming unsafe for people established their. Robers and crimes are increasing drastically and people are been force to migrate. Another social reason is the fact that their countries are becoming so hard to live in that their families are moving out forcing them to immigrate where their families locate for a better life. In some countries we also see the lack of religious freedom like china. Native citizens migrate to other countries in seek of religious freedom and stability. Finally the main political reason is the strong government some of this sub develop countries have. They making citizens feel unsafe and suffocate. The mistreatment of the government and the kinds of it like dictatorships makes people immigrate for a better safe environment.

A negative effect of immigration towards the native citizen in the United States is the decrease on wages. Immigrants are taken the wages of those none high school native graduates. Also as well as workforce impact they also bring an effect on
government services. since immigrants tend to have more children's then native citizens they tend to obtain more education help then they do. They also obtain more living conditions opportunities like: food stamps, householders and many other things. The low income of immigrants differing from native helps them pay less taxes than they do. Also giving them the chance for more government payment opportunities and high income tax then native citizens do. As we may notice mostly all public education schools are fill with immigrants children's the double of native Americans do. Another negative effect immigrants are bringing to other countries is the extremely increase in population making a danger economically and less work opportunities. The only positive effect that i could think of is the determination and hard work the bring. The works that many of this immigrants do are extremely important to the country and are jobs that native have no interest in doing.


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